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Thank you to all of our performers, punters and helpers for a fantastic second year from Donna, Ian and Paul.

All evening regular Rrrants gigs start at 7.30pm with open mic spots. Featured acts from 8pm until close

RRRants Events

2012. New line-up, every night. All evening regular Rrrants gigs start at 7.30pm with open mic spots. Featured acts from 8pm until close

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2012 Gig list

Tuesday 17th



The Goat Inn, St Albans

Saturday 21st January 12.00pm Waterstones, Hemel Hempstead
Sunday 22nd January 7.30pm The Camden Eye, London
Sunday 5th February 7.30pm The Camden Eye, London
Saturday 11th  February 2.00pm The watershed, Milton Keynes
Sunday 19th February 7.30pm The Horns, Watford
Sunday 4th March 7.30pm The Camden Eye, London

Tuesday 13th



The Goat Inn, St Albans

Sunday 1st April 7.30pm The Camden Eye, London

Tuesday 24h



The Goat Inn, St Albans

Sunday 6th



The Camden Eye, London

Sunday 20th



The Horns, Watford

Saturday 12th to Monday 14th May 6.15pm The Quadrant, Brighton.

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th




Rickmansworth Festival

Owlsworld Acoustic Stage

Sunday 3rd June 7.30pm The Camden Eye, London

Tuesday 12th



The Goat Inn, St Albans

Sunday 1st July 7.30pm The Camden Eye, London
Friday 6th July 7.30pm The Teabox, Richmond

Tuesday 17th



The Goat Inn, St Albans

Sunday 5th August 7.30pm Cancelled

Friday 3rd



The Teabox, Richmond

Sunday 19th



The Horns, Watford

Wednesday 22nd

Sunday 2nd





The Olde Leather Bottle, Hemel

The Camden Eye, London

Friday 7th



The Teabox, Richmond

Tuesday 18th



The Goat Inn, St Albans

Sunday 7th

Thursday 11th





The Camden Eye, London

The Roxy, London

Tuesday 23rd



The Goat Inn, St Albans

Sunday 4th November 7.30pm The Camden Eye, London
Thursday 8th November 8.00pm The Roxy, London
Sunday 18th November 7.30pm The Horns, Watford
Sunday 2nd December 7.30pm The Camden Eye, London

Tuesday 18th



The Goat Inn, St Albans

Click here for The Antipoet dates.


'RRRANTANORY Little Stories'


A new monthly storytelling event at The Teabox, Paradise Rd, Richmond, Surrey. On the first friday of every month beginning on the 6th of July 2012 at 7.30pm. £6 entry.

A blend of traditional, poetical, contemporary and heretical storytelling and tale spinning.




*2nd of November:  VANESSA WOOLF and MARK NIEL with host PAUL ECCENTRIC


*7th of December: WILL HAMES and LIAM J HOGAN with host PAUL ECCENTRIC

Rrrants live @

The Roxy Bar & Screen

ROXY Bar & Screen
28-132 Borough High Street 
London, SE1 1LB

Monthly from Thursday 11th October2012

Rrrants live @

The Olde Leather Bottle

Leverstock Green Road  Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP3 8QQ

Monthly from Wednesday October 10th  throughout 2012

Rrrants live @

The Camden Eye, London

2 Kentish Town Road, London,


Sunday 5th Feb and the first Sunday of every month in 2012

Rrrants live @

The Goat, St. Albans

Sopwell Lane, St Albans, AL1 1RN

Tuesday 17th January Every 6 weeks throughout 2012

Rrrants live @

The Horns, Watford

1 Hempstead Road, Watford, Hertfordshire WD17 3RL

Paul,  Donna & Ian after Seven days at the Edinburgh fringe festival.

Who needs sleep!

Big thanks to all involved.


Poetry Calendar


Poetry Kapow's on line calendar for  Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, the Midlands (East and West!), London, Cambridgeshire, and East Anglia

@ Madcap Performing Arts Centre, Wolverton,

Milton Keynes

Check their web site for the next event 


Apples & Snakes presents Jawdance A splurge of spoken word

Jawdance is a crunchy, chewy, new poetry concoction: fresh poets, seasoned poets, poetry books and singers (who are poets by any other name). Plus specially selected poetry films from Viral Verse.net.

Rich Mix, 35–47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA
Tickets: FREE

Info: www.applesandsnakes.org / 020 8465 6154 / www.richmix.org.uk


Bang Said The Gun
Bang Said The Gun


The Roebuck

50 Great Dover St. London SE1

Nearest Tube, Borough


Poetry for people who don't like poetry:-

Open mic plus regular slots

Now Every Thursday Night!



Monkey Kettle are a ramshackle collection of Writers, Musicians, Artists and Berks operating straight outta Milton Keynes. They run a poetry magazine, an acoustic open mic night, a very very small record label and various other local arts projects

RRRants Gig Archive - 2012 (artists not listed in order of appearance)

12th of December 2012, The Leather Bottle, Hemel Hempstead:

Spence, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Poeterry, DodoBones, Philfy Phil, Shadwell Smith, Poet Hairy, The Anthpoet, Pete Blackett, Matt Hatton.

7th of December 2012, RRRANTANORY at The Teabox, Richmond:

Paul Eccentric & Liam Hogan.

18th of November 2012, The Horns, Watford~
The Antipoet, The Artwist, Danni Antagonist, Poeterry, Simon Cleary, DodoBones, Philfy Phil, Poet Hairy, Victoria Laxton-Bass and Paul Eccentric.

14th of November 2012, The Olde Leather Bottle, Hemel Hempstead:
Alan English, Danni Antagonist, Whinging Wallis, Poeterry, Vinnie Gibbons, Caution Horses, Johnny Banjovi, Victoria Laxton Bass, The Antipoet.

The Camden Eye, Camden, 4th of November 2012:

WERBENIUK; The Antipoet; Ant Smith; Dennis Just Dennis, Nat The Hammer; John Harrison; Chris Coltraine; Tony Hickson; Alain English.

RRRANTANORY at The Teabox, Richmond, 2nd of November 2012:

Paul Eccentric; Cheryl McLennan; Dave Florez

25th October 2012, RRRANTANORY at The Olde Leather Bottle, Leverstock Green~
Paul Eccentric and Changeling.

The Goat, St Albans, 23rd of October 2012:
Anthony Fairweather. Murray Shelmerdine, Poet Hairy, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Vicky Arlidge, Shadwell Smith, Richard Frost, Steven Hobbs, Vinnie Gibbons, Jean Hayes, Poeterry, DodoBones, Philfy Phil and The Antipoet.

11th of October 2012, The Roxy, Borough~
The Antipoet, John Hudson, Murray Shelmerdine, Philfy Phil, Jammie Sammy and Mel Jones.

10th of October 2012, The Olde Leather Bottle, Hemel Hempstead:
Shadwell Smith, Ant Smith, Caution Horses, DodoBones, Poeterry, The Mighty Texx, Philfy Phil, Murray Shelmerdine, Poet Hairy The Anthpoet, Victoria Laxton-Bass.

7th of October 2012, The Camden Eye:
The Antipoet, Mel Jones, Dan Cockrll, Rob Auton, Kenneth Gear, Charlie Dupre, Bex Marshall, Alan Wolfson, Archie McJoyce, Julie Mullen, Alain English and IVOR DEMBINA.

5th of October 2012, RRRANTANORY at The Teabox, Richmond:
Murray Shelmerdine & Tony Hickson with host Ant Smith.

18th September 2012, The Goat, St Albans:

Poeterry; Philfy Phil; Pippa Chapman; Mel Jones; Simon Cleary; Jammie Sammy; Murray Shelmerdine; Vinnie Gibbons; Victoria Laxton-Bass; Jan Windle; Donal Dempsey; Nat The Hammer; James Fielding; Jean Hayes; The Antipoet.

RRRANTANORY at The Teabox, Richmond 7th of Sept 2012:

Fran Isherwood and Changeling with Paul Eccentric


The Antipoet; Spence; Lanrè; Dave Florez; Peter Hayhoe; Mark Thompson; Mike West; Poeterry; Mel Jones, Ant Smith; Daniel Bennett; Tony Hickson; Jill Abram, Alain English, Murray Shelmerdine, Cheryl McLennen: Alan Wolfson and Office Girl No Two. 

The Old Leather Bottle, Hemel Hempstead, 22nd of August 2012:

The Antipoet, Philfy Phil, Murray Shelmerdine, Jammie Sammy, Vinnie Gibbons, Poeterry, The Mighty Texx, Caution Horses, George & Carrie, Whinging Wallis, Pippa Chapman, Victoria Laxton-Bass, DodoBones.

19th of August 2012, The Horns, Watford:

The Antipoet, Gilbert Francois, Jenny Joy, Alain English, Pippa Chapman, Jean Hayes, Harmonica Lewinski, Poeterry, Donna Scott, Vinnie Gibbons, DodoBones, Philfy Phil, Mike Zephyr, Victoria Laxton-Bass.

RRRANTANORY at The Teabox, Richmond: 3rd of August 2012.

17th of July 2012 The Goat, St Albans:
Jean Hayes, Murray Shelmerdine, Vinnie Gibbons, Pippa Chapman, Poet Hairy, Jammie Sammy, Victoria Laxton-Bass, The Boxfile Boys, Cheryl McLennan, Josh Segal, Phil Chippendale, Shadwell Smith, Steven Hobbs, Richard Frost, Liz Breslin and The Antipoet.

1st of July 2012 The Camden Eye

DAVID GOO, Alain English, Will Hames, DodoBones, Poet Hairy, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Gilbert Francois, Alan Wolfson, Ant Smith, Jane Birch, Chris Coltraine, Paul Eccentric, Poeterry.

RRRANTANORY at The Teabox, Richmond: 6th of July 2012

ANNA LE & KEITH JARRETT with Paul Eccentric.

The Goat, 12th of June 2012:

The Antipoet, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Prose Adams, Whinging Wallis, Philfy Phil, DodoBones, Lee Nelson, Vicky Arlidge, Vinnie Gibbons, Jammie Sammy, Pippa Chapman, Fran Isherwood, Jill Abram, The Boxfile Boys, Shadwell Smith.

The Camden Eye, 3rd of June 2012:

The Antipoet, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Murray Shelmerdine, Sophie Cameron, Donal Dempsey, Jan Windle, Sola, Josh Siegel, Anthony Fairweather, Ryan Webb, Shadwell Smith, Kenneth Gear.


19th & 20th of May 2012~

Philfy Phil; Jammie Sammy; Alain English; The Antipoet; Lee Nelson; Mac McFadden; Danni Antagonist; Mat Lloyd; Charlie Dupre; Poeterry; Mel Jones; Alan Wolfson; Julie Mullen; Prose Adams; Tinlin; David Goo; The Odd Eccentric.

Compere: Paul Eccentric. 

20th of May The Horns, Watford:

 Sly Quip & The Quickwits; The Antipoet; Scrubber Jack, The Mighty Texx; Mat Lloyd; Poeterry; Urban Chaos.

THE BRIGHTON FRINGE: RRRANTIN' at The Quadrant, 12th-14th of May 2012

Saturday the 12th (RRRANTS 100th GIG)~ The Antipoet, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Fay Roberts, DodoBones, Philfy Phil, Jammie Sammy.

Sunday the 13th~

The Antipoet, Fay Roberts, Mark Niel, Ant Smith, The Caution Horses, Danni Antagonist, DodoBones, Lanre.

Monday the 14th~

The Antipoet, Smiley Jane, Philfy Phil, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Ant Smith, Danni Antagonist, Jammie Sammy.

6th of May 2012 The Camden Eye

FRANK SANAZI, THE ANTIPOET, Dave Florez, Mel Jones, John Hudson, Philfy Phil, Murray Shelmerdine, Paul Eccentric, Tony Hickson and Alain English.

24th Of April, The Goat, St Albans:

The Antipoet, Donal Dempsey, Jan Windle, Richard Frost, Danni Antagonist, Jammie Sammy, Philfy Phil, Steven Hobbs, Poet Hairy, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Vinnie Gibbons, Pippa Chapman, Jean Hayes, Gerard Francious, The Artwist, Vicky Arlidge, Fay Roberts.

6th of April 2012:'rrrantanory little stories' at The Teabox, Richmond,
Paul Eccentric; Ant Smith; Changeling: Vinnie Gibbons & Pippa Chapman.

1st of April at The Camden Eye!
Poeterry, Mike West, Lànre, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Donal Dempsey, Jan Windle, Mel Jones Pete The Temp, Amy Nielsen Smith, Shadwell Smith, John Harrison, Alan Wolfson, Ant Smith, Jill Abram, Paul Eccentric, Alain English, Lobby Lud, Daniel Bennett, Len Hovis. And The Antipoet.

13th of March 2012 The Goat, St Albans:
Philfy Phil, Sherrif Will Barrow, Shadwell Smith, Jean Hayes, Poeterry, Murray Shelmerdine, Victoria Laxton Bass, Cheryl McLennen, Trevor Adams, Daniel Bennett, Poet Hairy, Vicki Arlidge, DodoBones and The Antipoet.

The Camden Eye, 4th of March 2012:

Trevor Lock, Charlie Dupre, Cheryl McLennen, Pippa Chapman, Vinnie Gibbons, Peter Heyhoe, Amy Acre, Anna Le, Dennis Just Dennis, Tony Hickson, Sola, Philfy Phil, James Priestman, Murray Shelmerdine, Josh Siegal, Victoria Laxton-Bass and The Antipoet

19th of February, The Horns, Watford:

Vinnie Gibbons, Pippa Chapman, Whinging Wallis, The Artwist, DodoBones, Poet Hairy, Lionel Welch, Victoria Laxton-Bass, The Antipoet, Jean Hayes, James Fielding, Philfy Phil, Zephyr Mike and Urban Chaos.

11th of February, The Watershed, Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes 'The BIG Bardaid Book Launch #3'

 The Antipoet, Shadwell Smith, Fay Roberts, Phil Chippendale, Lionel Welch, DodoBones, Paul Eccentric, Poeterry, Lee Nelson, Ian Freemantle, Richard Frost, Tina Sederholm, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Philfy Phil, Stephen Hobbs, Stephen Patmore, Fair & Square, Jo Bell, Mark Niel.


The Antipoet, Danni Antagonist, Ant Smith, Alan Wolfson, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Poeterry, Lee Nelson, John Hudson, Julie Mullen, Jo Bunn, Daniel Bennett, Kate Bentley, Alain English.

11th of February, The Watershed, Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes

The BIG Bardaid Book launch #2 22nd of January 2012 The Camden Eye, Camden:

DEN HEGARTY and some Odds, Paul Lyalls, Helen McCookerybook, Alan Wolfson, Ant Smith, Ian Freemantle, Mel Jones, Lobby Lud and The Antipoet.

The BIG Bardaid Book launch #1: SATURDAY 21st January 2012, Waterstones, Hemel Hempstead:

The Antipoet, George Stanworth, Mark Niel, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Stephen Patmore, Ian Freemantle, Paul Eccentric, Jammie Sammy, Jean Hayes, Poeterry, Whinging Wallis

The Goat, 17th Jan 2012

The Antipoet, Shadwell Smith, George & Carrie, Mac McFadden, Anthony Fairweather, Philfy Phil, Tony Hlckson, Mel Jones, Pippa Wright, Ant Smith, DodoBones, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Vinnie Gibbons, Poet Hairy, Cheryl McLennon, Poeterry.

RRRants Gig Archive - 2011 (artists not listed in order of appearance)

20th December 2011, The Goat:

The Antipoet, Mel Jones, Poeterry, Danni Antagonist, Poet Hairy, Pippa Wright, Vinnie Gibbons, Fay Roberts, G Max, The Caution Horses, DodoBones, Philfy Phil, Cheryl McLennon, Jammie Sammy

Ian Freemantle & Jess, Stephen Hobbs, Victoria Laxton-Bass

4th of December 2011, The Camden Eye:

AF HARROLD, JO BELL, Iszi Lawrence, Mark Niel, Ian Freemantle, Fay Roberts, Lee Nelson, Sophie Cameron, Alain English, Lobby Lud, Alan Wolfson, Solia, Poeterry, Victoria Laxton-Bass & Mel Jones. With open mic'ers: Jill Abram, James and Glory.

13th of November 2011, The Horns, Watford:

The Antipoet, DodoBones, Philfy Phil, Fay Roberts, Danni Antagonist, Anthony Fairweather, Jean Hayes, The Mighty Texx, Cheryl McLennen, Steve Allen, Phil Chippendale, Pippa Wright, Victoria Laxton-Bass, James Fielding, Poet Hairy, Vinnie Gibbons.

6th of Nov 2011 The Camden Eye, Camden.

IIvor Dembina, Kiss The Girls, Mel Jones, David Florez, Charlie Dupre, Trio, Fair And Square, Montserratt Carbonara, Mac McFadden, Rob Auton, The Antipoet, Jesse Jones,

18th of October 2011 The Goat, St Albans.

Alan Wolfson, Mel Jones, Richard Tyrone Jones, Lee Nelson, Shadwell Smith, Sheriff Will Barrow, Spence, Jean Hayes, Dodobones
Poet Hairy, Jammie Sammy, Victoria Laxton Bass, Poeterry, The Antipoet, Philfy Phil, Vinnie Gibbons, Pippa Wright

2nd of October 2011, The Camden Eye:

David Goo, Philfy Phil, The Game Cat, The Antipoet, Alain English, Sola, Alan Wolfson, Mel Jones, The Mighty Texx, Victoria Laxton-Bass, The Purp, Artwist, Poeterry, Anthony Adams, Poet Hairy, Peter Hayho, Captain Of The Rant, Tony Hickson,

4th of September, The Camden Eye:

Richard Tyrone Jones, Captain Of The Rant, The Antipoet, Jazzman John Clarke, Betty Steeles, Philfy Phil, John Harrison, Jean Hayes, Donall Dempsey, Jan Windle, Ant Smith, Jack Hammer, Victoria Laxton Bass, Betty Davis, Alain E'nglish, Fran Isherwood, Mel Jones, Alan Wolfson, Tony Hickson.

The RRRANTS Edinburgh Fringe Royal Mile squad 21st, 24th & 25th of August:

The Antipoet, Ian Freemantle & The Bardic Cloggers, Fay Roberts, Ant Smith, Jammie Sammy, Philfy Phil.


The RRRANTIN' open mic team 21st-27th August at Espionage, Nobles Bar, McKewens Ale House, Omni Centre and Bang said the gun:

The Antipoet, Poeterry, Jammie Sammy, Tony Hickson, Scrubber Jack, James Fielding, Dodobones, Poet Hairy, Richard Frost, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Fay Roberts, Tina Sederholm, Donal Dempsey.


...and our flyering team of Sammy's Paul, Donna, Emma, Ady, Nicky, Shawn, Jess, Edmund and Cecilia.


RRRANTIN' AT THE PEARTREE 21st-27th of August 2011

Sunday 21st:  

The Antipoet ,Thaddeus & The Firing Squad,Paul Eccentric,Jammie Sammy,Victoria Laxton-Bass, Phil Chippendale

Janice Windle, Donal Dempsey , David Florez, Rob Auton, Ant Smith,J ames Fielding, 


Monday 22nd:

The Antipoet, Fay Roberts, Tony Walsh, Paul Eccentric, Jammie Sammy, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Janice Windle, Donal Dempsey, Poeterry, Rob Auton, David Florez, Thaddeus & The Firing Squad, Rob Barratt


Tuesday 23rd:

The Antipoet, Ian Freemantle & The Bardic Cloggers, Richard Frost, Fay Roberts, Thaddeus & The Firing Squad, James Fielding, Tony Hickson, Rob, Barratt, Scrubber Jack, Ant Smith, Jammie Sammy, Philfy Phil, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Poeterry


Wednesday 24th:

The Antipoet, Tony Hickson, Lanre, Karl Nova, Lobby Lud, Scrubber Jack, Jammie Sammy, Ant Smith, Philfy Phil, Jan Windel, Donal Dempsey , Poeterry, Richard Frost, Ian Freemantle & The Bardic Cloggers, Tina Sederholm, Thaddeus & The Firing Squad, Victoria Laxton-Bass


Thursday 25th:

The Antipoet, Lanre, Karl Nova, Tony Hickson, Lobby Lud, Scrubber Jack, Jammie Sammy , Philfy Phil, Fay Roberts, Rob Auton, Poeterry, Tina, Sederholm, Ian Freemantle & The Bardic Cloggers, Richard Frost, Janice Windel, Donal Dempsey, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Trio


Friday 26th:

The Antipoet, Richard Tyrone Jones, David Florez, Jack Hammer, Miss Jo Roberts , Dodobones, Tony Hickson, Philfy Phil, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Donal Dempsey, Jan Windel, Poeterry, Tina Sederholm, Scrubber Jack, Fay Roberts, Jammie Sammy


Saturday 27th:

The Antipoet, Richard Tyrone Jones, Miss Jo Roberts, Jack Hammer, Dodobones, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Philfy Phil, Donna Daniels -Moss, Poeterry, Dan Cockrill, David, Florez, Tony Hickson, Tina Sederholm, Fay Roberts, Rob Auton, Scrubber Jackie,


9th of August The Horns, Watford:

The Antipoet, Philfy Phil, Dodobones, Murry Shelmerdine, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Poet Hairy, Pete Curtis, Siadwell Smith

7th of August 2011: The Camden Eye~

The Antipoet, Poeterry!,

Cheryl McLennon Anna Le, Peter Heyho, Amy Acre, Murray Shelmerdine, Alan Wolfson, Ant Smith, Becky Fury, Lobby Lud, Poet Hairy, David Florez. Victoria Laxton-Bass.

The Second Annual BARDAID Festival, The Camden Eye.

22nd of July: Philfy Phil, Thaddeus & The Firing Squad, Tinlin, The Black Sparrows, The Antipoet, The Rude Mechanicals, Andy & The Prostitutes. 

23rd of July: DIVA DAY~ Victoria Laxton-Bass, Miss Jo Williams, Betty Steeles, Sola, Lanre, Jammie Sammy, Helen Arney, Mel Jones, Mary Spender, The Antipoet, JOOLZ DENBY, HELEN McCOOKERYBOOK, VIV ALBERTINE.

24th of July RRRANTANORY~
Alice Heavyside, Paul Eccentric, Gabriella Apicella, Kat Quatermass, Ant Smith, Karen Hayley.
24th of July Poetry Evening~
Danni Antagonist, Poeterry, Ian Freemantle, Anna Le, Scrubber Jack, Ant Smith, Alain English, The Antipoet, Tim Wells, GERRY POTTER.

10th of July 2011 MUSIC ON THE MOOR FESTIVAL, Boxmoor:
The Antipoet, Danni Antagonist, Mat Lloyd, Jammie Sammy, David Florez, Whinging Wallis, Jean Hayes, Ant Smith, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Poeterry, Pippa Wright, Philfy Phil.

3rd of July 2011, The Camden Eye:

Alain English, Mel Jones, Poeterry, Dodobones, David Florez, Tina Sederholm, John Harrison, Jazzman John Clarke, Furious George, Cheryl McLennon, Artwist, Alan Wolfson, Fay Roberts, Vinnie Gibbons. Pippa Wright, Tony Hickson, Donal Dempsey, Jan Windle, and The Antipoet.

14th of June 2011, The Goat, St Albans:

Vinnie Gibbons, Pippa Wright, Dodobones, Fran Isherwood, Donna Scott, Fay Roberts, Patrick Widness, Artwist, Jean Hayes, Mal Content, Philfy Phil, Stephen Patmore, Victoria Laxton-Bass, The Caution Horses and The Antipoet.

The Camden Eye: 5th of June 2011-

JULIE MULLEN; Lanré, Sola, Haydn Gray, Paul Eccentric, Donal Dempsey, Alan Wolfson, Mel Jones, Jammie Sammy, Murray Shelmerdine & Dave, Jan Windell, Tony Hickson, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Jo Bunn, Alice Heavyside, Spence, James Fielding, The Caution Horses,

The Second RRRANTS/Owlsworld Rickmansworth Canal Festival, 21st & 22nd May 2011:

The Antipoet, Philfy Phil, Fatima al Matar, Julie Mullen, Danni Antagonist, Fay Roberts, Mark Niel, Alan Wolfson, Mark Thompson, Poeterry, Richard Frost, Alain English, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Lobby Lud, The Caution Horses, Tinlin and Paul Eccentric

RRRANTIN' at The Horns, Watford. 17th of May 2011:

The Antipoet, Anthony Fairweather, Alan English, The Caution Horses, Danni Antagonist, Dodobones, Jammie Sammy, Poeterry, Whinging Wallis, Paul Wallis, Donna Scott, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Stephen Patmore, Vinnie Gibbons, Pippa Wright, James Fielding, Philfy Phil, Zephyr Mike, Johnny.

RRRANTS RADIO live from The OV0, St Albans 12th of May 2011:

Ian Newman, Donna Ray and Paul Eccentric. Featuring Alan Wolfson, Mel Jones, Mat Lloyd and Kiss The Girls.

1st of May 2011: The Camden Eye. 'THE CAMDEN CRAWL'S POETIC SECRET'

Helen Gregory & Benita Johnson ,Rob Auton, Furious George, Dan Cockrill, David Florez, Ant Smith, Kunle, Danni Antagonist , John Harrison , The Antipoet, Alan Wolfson, Alain English, Mel Jones, Tony Hickson, Victoria Laxton-Bass.

26th of April 2011 The Goat, St Albans:

Danni Antagonist, Danny Chivers, Jean Hayes, David Lee Morgan, Poeterry, Vinnie Gibbons, Ian Freemantle, Spence The Poet, Pippa Wright,  Jammie Sammy, Philfy Phil, James Fielding, Victoria Laxton-Bass and The Antipoet.

14th of April 2011 The Camden Eye:

'They fuck you up and then you die' tour CAPTAIN OF THE RANT & CHRISTIAN WATSON with The Antipoet, Ant Smith, Ian Freemantle and David Florez

Wednesday 6th of April 2011:

The Queen's Head, Chesham~

Dodobones, Trio Thaddeus, Stephen Patmore, The Caution Horses, Danni Antagonist, Jean Hayes, Jill Wallis, Ian Freemantle, Victoria Laxton-Bass, The Antipoet, Poeterry, Jammie Sammy, Phìlfy Phil,

Sunday the 3rd of April 2011: The Camden Eye

David Florez, Trio Thaddeus and The Firing Squad, Alvin Culzak, Kate Tyms, Tina Sederholm, Anthony Fairweather, Jean Hayes, Mel Jones, Alan Wolfson, Lobby Ludd, Victoria Laxton-Bass, The Mighty Texx, Cheryl McLennan, Tim Wells, Karen Hayley, Tony Hickson and The Antipoet.

22nd March 2011:The OVO Theatre, St Albans. Poetry Link Showcase

STEVE LARKIN & TIM WELLS with Sophie Cameron, The Antipoet and Victoria Laxton-Bass

17th March 2011: The Olde Kings Arms, Hemel Hempstead.


Alan Wolfson, Sheriff Will Barrow, Jammie Sammy, Vinnie Gibbons, George & Carrie Stanworth, Scrubber Jackie, Stephen Patmore, Pippa Wright, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Jean Hayes, Artwist, Philfy Phil, Jill Wallis, Poeterry, Victoria Slinn, and The Antipoet.

15th March 2011: The Emperor, Cambridge:


Richard Frost, Ant Smith, Alain English, Fay Roberts, Jenny Lockyear, Jess Durant, The Caution Horses, Mel Jones, Mal Content,Tony Hickson, Poeterry, Alex Iam, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Ian Freemantle, Philfy Phil, Mac McFadden and The Antipoet.

6th March 2011,The Camden Eye


JO BELL, The Antipoet, Donal Dempsey, David Okay, John Harrison, Jan Windle, Murray Shelmerdine, James Wallace, Kev, Rob Auton, Cathy Flower, Ant Smith, Lànre, Mel Jones, Julie Mullen, Alan Wolfson & Dina, Victoria Laxton-Bass, Poeterry

1st of March, The OVO Theatre, St Albans  Poetry Link Showcase:

PETE THE TEMP; The Antipoet; Richard Frost; Ian Freemantle; Vikki Laxton-Bass.

15th of February 2011:  The Goat, St Albans

Danni Antagonist, Fay Roberts, Alain English, Poeterry, James Wallace, Jill Wallis, Dodobones, The Caution Horses, Jean Hayes, Jammie Sammy, Sheriff, Vikki Laxton-Bass, Philfy Phil, The Antipoet.

6th feb 2011: The Camden Eye

HELEN McCOOKERYBOOK (with The Antipoet featuring Jen Good & Steve Joy), Mark Thompson, The Purp, Ben Francis, Vikki Laxton-Bass, Jo Bunn, Prude Fledgling, Arrogant Lucy, Kev, Trio, Talia Randall, Sir Lobby Lud, and Poeterry!

23rd of January 2011, The Camden Eye RRRANTANORY #1

Fay Roberts, Kat Quatermass, Captain Of The Rant, Alvin Culzak, Sophie Cameron, Alain English, Paul Eccentric, Mel Jones

20th of January 2011, The Olde Kings Arms, Hemel Hempstead: Rrrants Second Birthday Bash.

The Antipoet, The Caution Horses, Artwist, Danni Antagonist, Alain English, Philfy Phil, Lobby Lud, The Mighty Texx, George & Carrie Stanworth, Poeterry, Whinging Wallis, Jean Hayes, Fay Roberts, Harmonica Lewinsky, Dodobones and Ant Smith.

18th of january 2011'ChaChaCha, Watford: RRRANTS SHOWCASE

'Danni Antagonist, Fay Roberts, The Antipoet, Mark & Mixi's Dead Poet's Show.

2nd of January 2011, The Camden Eye:


Philfy Phil, Captain Of The Rant, Christian Watson, Fay Roberts, Poeterry, Mal Content, The Mighty Texx, The Antipoet, Sophie Cameron, Scrubber Jack, Jammie Sammy, John Harrison, Ian Freemantle, Richard Frost, Ceri May, Lional Welch, Alan Wolfson, Mel Jones.

RRRants Gig Archive - 2010 (artists not listed in order of appearance)

21st of December 2010, The Goat St Albans:


Ian Freemantle, Scrubber Jack, Jammie Sammy, Richard Frost, Vinnie Gibbons, The Caution Horses, The Antipoet, Sir Gigalot Newman (and by phone) Poeterry

15th of December 2010, The Queen's Head, Chesham: The Bacchanalia Ball #3


Jammie Sammy, Ian Newman, The Mighty Texx, Poeterry, The Caution Horses, Mervyn Cooke, Philfy Phil, Fay Roberts, Mal Content, Artwist, The Antipoet, Ian Freemantle.

12th of December 2010 The Camden Eye: The Bacchanalia Ball #2


JO BELL, The Antipoet, Helen Gregory, Dan Cockrill, Danni Antagonist, John Clarke, Poeterry, Ant Smith, Lánre, Julie Mullen, Jammy Sammy, Philfy Phil

11th of December 2010, The Camden Eye: The Bacchanalia Ball #1


HELEN McCOOKERYBOOK, The Antipoet, David Goo, Dodobones, Vertigo, The Caution Horses, The Black Sparrows, JimTomSay, The Odd Eccentric

23rd of November 2010, ChaChaCha Tearooms, Watford:

JUDE SIMPSON, Fatima al Matar, The Antipoet, Poeterry!

11th of November 2010, The Olde Kings Arms, Hemel Hempstead:

The Antipoet, Dodobones, Alain English, Jammie Sammy, Heather Merrison, Kunle, Jean Hayes, Jill Wallis, Philfy Phil, Poeterry, Danni Antagonist, Fay Roberts, The Mighty Texx, Cathy Flowers, Ben Francis.

17th of November 2010,The Camden Eye:

ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER, Captain Of The Rant, The Antipoet, Ian Freemantle, Jammie Sammy, Tony Hickson, Rob Auton, Sheriff Will Barrow, Ant Smith

31st of October 2010 Halloween Special, The Camden Eye:


PETE THE TEMP, Captain Of The Rant, The Antipoet, Alan Wolfson, Julie Mullen, The Caution Horses, Mac McFadden, Philfy Phil and Jean Hayes.

12th October 2010, The Goat, St Albans:


Jean Hayes, Fatima al Matar, Mac McFadden, Alain English, Vinnie Gibbons, Mal Content, David Okay, Philfy Phil, Jammie Sammy, Jill Wallis, Dodobones, Poeterry and The Antipoet.

*NATIONAL POETRY DAY* 7th of October 2010, the Camden Eye, Camden: The (totally non competitive, utterly non combatitive) GREAT BARDIC ALLIANCE' episode one:


proudly present

'The Great Bardic Alliance!'

for RRRANTS~ Alain English, Ant Smith and The Antipoet.

for Speechmotion~ SuperPennie and The Purp

for Scribal Gatherings~ Alan Bainbridge and Ian Freemantle

for Monkey Kettle~ Mathew Michael Taylor and Richard Frost

for Poetry Kapow!~  Fay Roberts and Danni Antagonist

for Raising The Awen~ Jim Tom and Justin Thyme

for Words & Music In The Woods~ Alan Wolfson and Ceri May West

for Tongue In Chic~ Steven Hobbs and Liz Haywood

30th of September 2010~ The Olde Kings Arms, Hemel Hempstead:

The Antipoet, Sly Quip & The Quickwits, Sheriff Will Barrow, Jean Hayes, Mac McFadden, Alain English, Alan Wolfson, Ceri, George Stanworth, Poeterry, Fay Roberts, The Mighty Texx, The Caution Horses, David O'Kelly.

The Camden Eye, 26th of September 2010:


Captain of the Rant, Angry Sam, The Black Sparrows, Philfy Phil, Camila Fiorenta, Lánre, Fran Isherwood, Anthony Hett, Alvin Culzak, Sophie Cameron, Jazzman John Clarke, The Antipoet,

Ant Smith, Artwist, Jean Hayes, Chris Robertson, James Burke, David O'kelly.

The Goat, St Albans, 7th of September 2010:


Jazzman John Clarke, James Fielding, Poeterry, The Antipoet, Jammie sammy, Dodobones, Sheriff Will Barrow, Vinnie Gibbons, Jean Hayes, Philfy Phil, Anthony Hett.

The Bardaid Ranting Festival 6th-9th August 2010 at The Camden Eye:

DAVID J * PAUL LYALLS * JUDE SIMPSON * HELEN McCOOKERYBOOK * DEN HEGARTY * THE ANTIPOET with Jammie Sammy, Ant Smith, Vinnie Gibbons, george stanworth, carrie link, the mighty texx, mark thompson, jazzman john clarke, julie mullens, danni antagonist, mark niel, sophie cameron, richard frost, dodobones, philfy phil, david goo, the senti-mentals, lánre fajumo, the black sparrows, sly quip & the quickwits, l a salami, the caution horses, the jelly fiends, the odd eccentric, paul eccentric, meryvn cooke, whinging wallis, alvin culzak, ledger de la bald, cam tan ringel, cathy flowers, sheriff will barrow, fatima al matar, alan wolfson, alain english, poeterry, fay roberts, captain of the rant, super pennie, mat lloyd, alex iamb, ian newman & donna daniels moss. and special thanks to Mahdis, Vikki, Emma and Paul Sweetland 

27th of July 2010, The Goat St. Albans

Fay Roberts, Mal Content, Poeterry, Jammie Sammy, Vinnie Gibbons, The Antipoet, Adam Fox, Sheriff, John Clarke, James Fielding

'THE FOOLS OF LOVE' 25th of July 2010, The Camden Eye:

BERTRAM TROTAR & ANT SMITH with Sophie Cameron, Ernesto Sarezale, Paul Eccentric, The Black Sparrows, Alvin Culzak, Fatima al Matar, Tony Hickson, Alan Wolfson

15th of July 2010, The Old Kings Arms, Hemel Hempstead

Sir Lobby Lud, The Antipoet, Jill Wallis, Poeterry, The Caution Horses, The Mighty Texx, Sheriff Will Barrow, Jean Hayes, George Stanworth, Riccardo Criscenti, Jammie Sammy.

Sunday  27th of June 2010, St Albans busking festival:

The Antipoet, Poeterry, Heather Merrison, Jammiesammy, Richard Frost and Jean Hayes.

13th of June 2010, The Camden Eye:

Ant Smith, Vinnie Gibbons, Artwist, Tony Hickson, Abi Palmer, The Mighty Texx, The Antipoet, Poeterry, Balboy, Michael Dench, Richard Frost, Captain Of The Rant, John Harrison, Danni Antagonist, Sophie Cameron, Sheriff Will Barrow.

1st June `2010, The Goat, St Albans:

The antipoet, Jean hayes, Sheriff will Barrow, Vinnie Gibbons, Ledger de la Bald, James Fielding, Whinging Wallis, The Mighty Texx, Poeterry.

27th of May 2010 The Olde Kings Arms, Hemel Hempstead:

TIM CLARE, John Clarke, Sheriff, James Fielding, Fatima al Matar, Philfy Phil, CT & Bellboy, The Caution Horses, The Mighty Texx, Poeterry, Fay Roberts, The Antipoet, Jammie Sammy, Heather Merrison, Mal Content, George Stanworth & Carrie link

BARD AID 4. 19th May 2010, The Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden, :


ELVIS McGONNAGALL, The Antipoet, Dan Cockrill, David Goo, Philfy Phil, Ledger de la Bald, Sophie Cameron, Danni Antagonist, The Mighty Texx

15th & 16th of July 2010, The Rickmansworth Canal Festival: Owlsworld/RRRANTS stage.

The Antipoet, Richard Frost, Mat Lloyd, Ant Smith, Whinging Wallis, George Stanworth, Carrie Link, Jean Hayes, Kunle Salami, Mark Niel, Dan Cockrill, Danni Antagonist, Rob Auton, Sophie Cameron, Artwist, Fran Isherwood, Poeterry, Heather Merrison, Peter Wyton, Alain English, Jammie Sammy, Fay Roberts, Philfy Phil, Mervyn Cooke, Harmonica Lewinsky, Lobby Ludd, The Mighty Texx, and Mr Owl

BARD AID 3. 29th of April 2010 The Olde Kings Arms, Hemel Hempstead, :

Tim watts, sherrif, heather merrison, mat lloyd, ledger de la bald, danni antagonist, jean yes har, philfy phil, george stanworth, the antipoet, fran isherwood, the caution horses, the mighty texx, fay roberts, poeterry, dave wallis, jammie sammy, carrie link.

18th of April 2010 The Camden Eye.

Richard Syres, The Antipoet, Alain English, Richard Frost, Cam Tan Ringel, Fay Roberts, Ledger de la Bald, Tony Hickson, Ant Smith, Vinnie Gibbons, Danni Antagonist, Poeterry, Mervyn Cooke, Alan Wolfson, Sophie Cameron, Rob Auton.

30th March The Goat, St Albans:

The Antipoet; Philfy Phil; Mervyn Cooke; Heather Merrison; The Mighty Texx; James Fielding; Jammie Sammy; Jean Hayes; Mike Burr; Danni Antagonist; Richard Frost; Poeterry; The Caution Horses; Magic Phil; Sheriff.

7th march 2010 the camden eye:

The Antipoet, alex iamb, David Goo, Dan Cockerell, Whinging Wallis, Poeterry, Fay Roberts, Alain English, Ledger de la Bald, Fran Isherwood, Vinnie Gibbons, Sophie Cameron, Mark Niel, Ant Smith, George Stanworth & Carrie Link, Philfy Phil, Kunle Salami, Steve Hobbs, Sabayon Shah.

BARD AID 2, The Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden, 17th February

TV SMITH, brothers grim, whinging Wallis, Mat Lloyd, Poeterry, Richard Frost, Rob Auton, Ant Smith, Jammiesammy, Paul Eccentric

31st Jan The Camden Eye:


Poeterry, Harmonica Lewinski, Vinnie Gibbons, Philfy Phil, Ant Smith, Richard (The Shamen of The North) Frost, Mervyn Cooke, Aimee, Rob Auton, Sophie Cameron, , Artwist, The Antipoet.

BARD AID , 28Th January The Etcetera Theatre The Etcetera Theatre

TV Smith, Rachel Pantechnicon, The Antipoet, Poeterry

19th January, The Goat, St Albans:

Aimee Pegram; Jean Hayes; Jammie Sammy; Vinnie Gibbons; Heather Merrison; The Mighty Texx; Poeterry; The Antipoet.

RRRants Gig Archive - 2009 (artists not listed in order of appearance)

11th of December 09, central library, Watford:

Jean Hayes; Vinnie Gibbons; Mr Owl; Heather Merrison; Wìnging Wallis; George Stanworth; Poeterry; Philfy Phil; Jammie Sammy; Artwist; The Antipoet.

8th of December 2009, The Camden Eye, Camden. RRRANTS 1 & TKOTK book launch:

Paul Eccentric & Ian Newman aka The Antipoet; Dan Cockerall; Danni Antagonistic; Rob Auton; Ant Smith; JammieSammy; Philfy Phil; Mat Lloyd; Super Pennie; Vinnie Gibbons; Poeterry; The Brothers Grim; Sir Lobby Lud; Ray Blake; The Mighty Texx; The Borgiouse Buddah; Richard Frost.

17th of November, The Goat, St Albans:

Vinnie Gibbons, Heather Merrison, Poeterry, Philfy Phil, Mr Owl, The Mighty Texx, Harmonica Lewinsky, JammieSammy, The Antipoet.

12th of November, Watford Library

Philfy Phil; Jean Hayes; Heather Merrison; JammieSammy; The Antipoet; Poeterry; The Mighty Texx; Vinnie Gibbons

16th of October 2009, The Poetry Café:

Mat Lloyd, Sophie Cameron, Poeterry, The Antipoet, Ant Smith, The Bourgeois Buddha, George Stanworth, Jean Hayes, Barry J Macey, Danni Kushner, Rob Auton

25th September: The White Hart Hotel, St. Albans-

The Antipoet, Vinnie Gibbons, Jean Hayes, Poeterry, Paul Wallis, Sir Lobby Lud, George Stanworth & Carrie Link,

Artwist, Dave Wallis.

8th September: The Goat, St. Albans-


The Antipoet, Vinnie Gibbons, Barry J Macey, Rob Auton, Mervyn Cooke, Philfy Phil, Poeterry, Jammie Sammy, Sir Lobby Lud.


RRRants at:


The Edinburgh Fringe

August 2009


29th: 'Utter'- Paul Eccentric, Poeterry & Rob Auton


28th: 'Sweetheart'- Paul Eccentric & Poeterry, tag


26th: 'Zoo'- Paul Eccentric & Poeterry, tag


26th: 'The Royal Mile'- Paul Eccentric, Poeterry, Rob Auton, tag team


25th: 'The Royal Mile'- Paul Eccentric, Poeterry, Rob Auton, Kev the poet, tag team


24th: 'Sweetheart'- Paul Eccentric


24th: 'The Royal Mile'-The Antipoet


23rd: 'The Zoo'- The Antipoet & Kev The Poet


21st: 'Sweetheart'-The Antipoet


19th & 20th: 'The Royal Mile'- The Antipoet


18th: 'The Royal Mile'- The Antipoet


18th: 'The Wash'- The Antipoet & Pete Curtis


Rhythmical Ravings & Rants' present 'The Naked Poetry Festival 2009'

24th June - 29th July 2009

29th of July Watford library Featuring :-

Paul Eccentric; Jean Hayes; Paul Wallis; Jammiesammy; Philfy Phil; Victoria Slinn; George Stanworth & Carrie Link; Poeterry; Matt Lloyd; The Antipoet; Vinnie Gibbons;

18th July: Eden, High Wycombe: The Antipoet; Barry J Macey; Poeterry; Artwist; Mervyn Cooke; Philfy Phil.

12th of July, Music On The Moor, Boxmoor Featuring :-
Vinnie Gibbons; Pennie Varvarides; Peter Wyton; Dave Wallis; Jean Hayes; Jammiesammy; Paul Wallis; Poeterry; George Stanworth & Carrie Link; Ian Newman & Jane Amelia; The Antipoet; Philfy Phil; Tinlin; Mouth On A Stick.
Music on the Moor 12th July 2009 Rrrants Marquee stage start time 4pm - Entry Free!


Click here for full MOTM 2009 Running Order


11th of July 2009, The Poetry Café, Covent Garden Featuring :-
Victoria Slinn; Poeterry, Lobby Lud; The Antipoet; George Stanworth & Carrie Link; Philfy Phil; Vinnie Gibbons, Paul Eccentric, Pennie Varvaridies; Robert Auton.

24th of June 2009, Central Library, Watford Featuring :-
The Antipoet; Artwist; Dave Wallis; Lobby Ludd; Jill Wallis; Mat Lloyd; Vinnie Gibbons; Pennie Varvarides; Poeterry; Philfy Phil, Mr Owl.

4th of May 2009, (with Owlsworld) The Fox & Hounds, Rickmansworth :-
Mr Owl, Dave Wallis; Peter Wyton; The Antipoet; John The Bard, Lobby Lud; Poeterry; George Stanworth; Harmonica Lewinski; Philfy Phil.

21st of March 2009, The Bell, Princes Risborough Featuring :-
George Stanworth; Jill Wallis; Artwist; The Antipoet; Peter Wyton; Dave Wallis; Philfy Phil.

15th of January 2009 The Poetry Café, Covent Garden Featuring :-
The Antipoet; Dave Wallis; Peter Wyton; Poeterry; Kate Noakes; Trevor Jackson; Aimee; Mark Graham; George Stanworth; Anne Reynolds; Philfy Phil.


2005-2008 Ali & Simon's open mic' at The Flint Cottage, High Wycombe. (The birthplace of The Antipoet!)


Ian Newman, Paul Eccentric, Philfy Phil, Poeterry, Artwist.

RRRANTS sponsored gigs policy:

(unless otherwise stated) poets should arrive at the venues half an hour prior to start time. If for any reason you need to cancel, please call or text our usual number asap. Most of our gigs do not pay, but when they do then all profits will be split equally between Paul, Ian, Donna and that gigs performers. (expenses by prior arrangement and subject to funds). Poets will be performing in ten minute slots, but please be prepared for at least fifteen minutes. All equipment and props remain the artistes responsibility.


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