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David J. – vocal pugilist.


David’s career in the field of rap and poetry stretches back even before 1992, when he won the Choice FM Battle Rap Competition. Over the years he has developed a unique style of delivery that is heavily influenced by his hip-hop origins.


Sometimes his voice seems to go forwards then flip backwards like some tricky verbal gymnast, at other times he ’s scratching words instead of vinyl. Often it seems there is more than one person speaking onstage.


David’s performances at Latitude and Glastonbury have made him a legend on the live poetry circuit. He was featured on with the ‘LAST POETS’ on tour performing in Amsterdam and Antwerp, Belgium. David Amram in London

More recently he was the warm up act at Patti Smith ’s latest book launch and has completed a tour of east england thru Poetry link in preparation for USA in 2010



     Their  trying to put your children straight

      Into the afterlife immediately

      No fantasy this is reality

      They take ya brain out of it cranial cavity 

      33      mind control the military .an all their  weopanry

      Is designed to bury by any means necessary

      So you better   be very wary 

      when ya  enemy kisses you on both cheeks  at gethsemane

      cause they really

      wanna  crucify every body  like the son of mary

      in golgotha   calvary for their currency

      they still seek   the sangreal bloodline of the chosen seed

      To kill of all the elohims immedeatly

      So put ya foot  on a land mine  your on the path to the cemetary

      you cant escape the truth in my deathography

      while red fliud pouring frm  every  monestry

      An my peeps are constanstly going into solitary

      Confinement   never to see  sunlight

      Cast aside

      To  rise the  code one alert prison suicides

      Im not concerned if albert pikes letter to guiseppe manzinni

      Exists or turn out to be a lie

      Because the destiny of mankind  Is on the prophecy rock -

      gaurded by the hopi tribe


      Written by  David j Vocal pugilist .

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