The BARDAID Initiative was launched in 2010 to help to inspire the next generation of potential writers and performers; stymied by a technology and results based curriculum that doesn't have the time to encourage reading and writing for pleasure.

All profits raised from voluntary collections at our live events are used to buy books from independent writers which we then donate to school libraries. When a member of the RRRants Collective is invited to perform in a school, we give them a cache of books to the value of £100 to present to the school's librarian.

In 2012, with the aid of grants donated to us by The Edwards' of Croxley Green, Hertfordshire; from money raised through their annual Christmas light collection; The Boxmoor Trust of Hemel Hempstead, and with help from Desert Hearts Books, we were able to publish an anthology of new poetry entitled 'THE BIG BARDAID BOOK', copies of which have been sent to senior schools all over England and money raised by the books sold through our shop, recycled back into yet more books for schools.

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BIG BARDAID donations...

Aston Clinton Charitable Foundation

A big 'thank you!' to all at the 'Aston Clinton Charitable Foundation' for donating £500 to BARDAID, enabling us to cover the next three book drops!

Places we've already dropped BARDAID caches...

Library Festival, Worcester

A quiet year for Bardaid, as we took most of 2016 off, but we did manage to get a couple of boxes of books up to Worcester for the literary festival where they were donated to schools and libraries by the lovely Martin Driscoll

Hunton Bridge Community Library, Hertfordshire

On 24 January, we delivered our first Bardaid book drop of 2016, to the Hunton Bridge Community Library, Hertfordshire, a rather splendid second life for the village's old telephone box! 
If you know a telephone box in need of some damn fine poetry let us know.

St Gabriel's School, South London

In June 2015, a second cache has been delivered by the wonderful poet, Indigo Williams, to St Gabriels', South London.
The books were again received by the equally lovely Gail, the school's Librarian.

Ernesford Grange Academy, Coventry

The second drop of 2015 was delivered by poet 'Scrubberjack', to Ernesford Grange Academy in Coventry on 18 March. They were accepted by student James Aitken, Library Mentor, on behalf of English teacher, Clare Wheatley, who also looks after the library at the Academy.

St John Bosco College, Wandsworth, London

13 October saw the first drop of the new academic year was delivered by the lovely Anna Thompson to Tom McMorrow of the English Dept at St John Bosco College in Wandsworth. We love smiley teachers!

The Holy Family Catholic School and Six Form, Walthamstow, London

May 20 2014. Our favourite shot so far... and there’s been some great ones over the years! The next Bardaid delivery was presented to The Holy Family Catholic School and Six Form in Walthamstow by, the wickedly talented, Pete the Temp, and the school appears to be very lucky indeed as the delicious Joshua Seigal can also be spotted by the trained poetic eye!

Oaklands Further Education College, St Albans, Hertfordshire

On 30 April 2014, Bardaid’s next cache of Poetry books were delivered by poet and tutor Simon Cleary and songwriter Nathan Loughran (Nat The Hammer) to Oaklands Further Education College in St Albans, Hertfordshire. The books were received by campus Administrator, Mary Muldoon.

St Gabriel's School, South London

On Friday March 7th 2014, Bardaid's next cache of poetry books were delivered by the wonderful poet, Indigo Williams, to St Gabriels', South London. The books were received by the equally lovely Gail, the school's Librarian.

Manshead Secondary School, Dunstable, Bedfordshire

On 12 February 2014, the Bardaid Initiative’s first cache of poetry books of the year were donated to Manshead Secondary School, Dunstable, Bedfordshire and were presented to Mr. Mahmut Dervish, Head of Art.

St Pauls School, Milton Keynes

Delivered to St Pauls Catholic School on 7 February 2013 (the day the Pope resigned) by Milton Keynes Poet Laureate, Mr Mark Niel. This cache was accepted by Deputy Head Teacher, Mr Greg Maws. The students pictured participated in a poetry slam with Mr Neil, before receiving their very non-curriculum based books!

Stony Stratford Library, Buckinghamshire

Danni Antagonist presented the next cache of poetry book to Stony Stratford Library on 22 January 2013, and they were accepted by the Chair of 'Friends of Stony Stratford Library, Mr John Day, on it's behalf. Photograph provided by Jonathan Taylor.

Ousedale School, Olney, Buckinghamshire

Delivered by Milton Keynes Poet Laureate, Mr Mark Niel, this cache was accepted by the School Libraian, Lucy Campion on 3 December 2012. The students are pictured here after a hard day of poetry slamming and receiving some seriously non-curriculum books via the BARDAID Initiative.

Denbigh School, Milton Keynes

Delivered by Milton Keynes Poet Laureate, Mr Mark Niel, this cache was accepted by Deputy Head, Mr Ian Bacon, on the 5 November 2012 for their 'Poetic Fireworks Day'. The students pictured reached the final in of the poetry slam at Denbigh School with a selection, this BARDAID donation.

Eston Park Academy, Middlesbrough

In September 2012, Eston Park Academy received this cache via two of the most fun looking English teachers we at RRRANTS have ever seen, Daniel Robinson and James Goodwill - pictured. 

Roman Fields School, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

On 22 July 2012, Donna Daniels-Moss presented yet another cache to a local school, where our very own 'PoetHairy' (Stephen Patmore) is the Site Manager. They were accepted by Mr Farrukh Munir, Teacher in Charge - pictured. The recently re-opened school took the opportunity to create a school library, where the books now take pride of place.

Barr's Hill School & Community College, Coventry

Our very own 'Scrubber Jack' (Jackie Smallridge), delivered another cache of poetry books on 28 June 2012, to Head Librarian, Mr Crilly, pictured here with Jackie and two of her grandsons who attend the school. 

Leon School & Sports College, Milton Keynes

Having spent the day doing a poetry workshop with Year 9 students, Milton Keynes Poet Laureate, Mr Mark Niel presented this cache to School Librarian, Ms Amber Sexton on 25 March 2012. 

Kings Langley School, Hertfordshire

On 1 October 2011, Donna Daniels-Moss presented our fourth cache of poetry books to Yvonne Snow on behalf of the school. The school was delighted and have since put up a poetry and RRANTS, and and we are currently discussing how we can have a mini RRRANTIN' session for the students!

Ruislip School, Herfordshire

In July 2011, Mr Paul Eccentric himself presented the third ever cache of books to, of all things, the Head of IT, Michelle Gallacher - pictured. 

Bushey Meads School, Bushey

Donna Daniels-Moss presented the second cache on 27 May 2011 to Ms Wendy Castle, Head Librarian - pictured. 

Queens School, Bushey

On 26 April 2010, Donna Daniels-Moss presented the a cache of BARDAID books to Ms Siobhan Childers. A milestone for the RRRANTS Collective, this was the first school in Hertfordshire to receive the books. Many of which have been donated by established poets in the hope that they will encourage students of 'Generation Wii' to put down their joysticks and pick up the pen, thus creating the poets of tomorrow.